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Inspirational Self-worth quotes, you wish to grasp that you just merit the simplest. don’t let anyone treat you wish you’re average. You get what you compromise for, therefore aim high and surround yourself with those that see your self-worth, United Nations agency love you, United Nations agency respect you, United Nations agency encourage you and build you up to a better level. you’re special, and you’ll be able to win something, bear in mind that. could these quotes inspire you to solely be within the company of the simplest.

  • I’ve learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom – how great is that?

    – Soledad O’Brien

  • Soledad O'Brien
  • Every word, facial expression, gesture, or action on the part of a parent gives the child some message about self-worth. It is sad that so many parents don’t realize what messages they are sending.

    – Virginia Satir

  • Virginia Satir
  • Social media websites are no longer performing an envisaged function of creating a positive communication link among friends, family and professionals. It is a veritable battleground, where insults fly from the human quiver, damaging lives, destroying self-esteem and a person’s sense of self-worth.

    – Anthony Carmona

  • Anthony Carmona
  • The best way to avoid falling prey to the opinions of others is to realize that other people’s opinions are just that – opinions. Regardless of how great or terrible they think you are, that’s only their opinion. Your true self-worth comes from within.

    – Travis Bradberry

  • Travis Bradberry
  • No one can make you happy. No one can help you grow in life more than you can. I can love you to death, but I can only go so far. I can inspire and encourage you as much as I can, but when you play an active role to find that self-security and that self-worth, it makes the difference.

    – Musiq Soulchild

  • Musiq Soulchild
  • Inspirational Self Worth Quotes

  • Once a week, I like to slip into a deep existential depression where I lose all my sense of oneness and self-worth.

    – Bo Burnham

  • Bo Burnham
  • When you please others in hopes of being accepted, you lose you self-worth in the process.

    – Dave Pelzer

  • Dave Pelzer
  • I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in Beverly Hills, but I was born with a great deal of self-worth.

    – Yolanda Hadid

  • Yolanda Hadid
  • Your self-worth has nothing to do with your craft or calling, and everything to do with how you treat yourself.

    – Kris Carr

  • Kris Carr
  • Hateful words stand no chance against self-worth and a little of humor.

    – Iskra Lawrence

  • Iskra Lawrence
  • One’s own self-worth is tied to the worth of the community to which one belongs, which is intimately connected to humanity in general. What happens in Darfur becomes an assault on my own community, and on me as an individual. That’s what the human family is all about.

    – Wole Soyinka

  • Wole Soyinka
  • Inspirational Self Worth Quotes

  • Body love is more than acceptance of self or the acceptance of the body. Body love is about self-worth in general. It’s more than our physical appearance.

    – Mary Lambert

  • Mary Lambert
  • A conviction that you are a daughter of God gives you a feeling of comfort in your self-worth. It means that you can find strength in the balm of Christ. It will help you meet the heartaches and challenges with faith and serenity.

    – James E. Faust

  • James E. Faust
  • As much as I loathe this aging thing, I’m beginning to recognize that I am now a healthier person in terms of self-worth and knowing who I am and where I fit in the world. That’s been a good trade-off for the wrinkles.

    – Patty Duke

  • Patty Duke
  • Some men feel threatened by the idea of feminism. This comes, I think, from the insecurity triggered by how boys are brought up, how their sense of self-worth is diminished if they are not ‘naturally’ in charge as men.

    – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • I’ve never been a conceited person or cocky, never felt boastful, but I always had a sense of self-worth; I always had a real sense of myself.

    – Will Ferrell

  • Will Ferrell
  • Inspirational Self Worth Quotes

  • Over the years, I’ve interviewed thousands of people, most of them women, and I would say that the root of every dysfunction I’ve ever encountered, every problem, has been some sense of a lacking of self-value or of self-worth.

    – Oprah Winfrey

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Let’s be honest; it’s rather easy to be busy. We all can think up a list of tasks that will overwhelm our schedules. Some might even think that their self-worth depends on the length of their to-do list. They flood the open spaces in their time with lists of meetings and minutia – even during times of stress and fatigue.

    – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

  • Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  • Your net worth can fluctuate, but your self-worth should only appreciate.

    – Chris Gardner

  • Chris Gardner
  • Media is not supporting me. They’re saying that I want to marry Imran Khan, but I’m already married. This is wrong. What about my self-worth? My identity? I am a social media sensation. I am a fashion icon.

    – Qandeel Baloch

  • Qandeel Baloch
  • My mother told me to raise my kids with calculated neglect. They get their self-worth from doing what they can do and not having everything done for them.

    – Lea Thompson

  • Lea Thompson
  • Sticking to a diet required me to have a permanently low self-esteem. But happily, I developed other skills beyond a fluctuating weight, eventually building up a different source of self-worth.

    – Arabella Weir

  • Arabella Weir
  • I don’t have the feelings of self-worth that a woman should have… and that’s been the center of a lot of my mistakes and a lot of my pain.

    – Monica Lewinsky

  • Monica Lewinsky
  • Inspirational Self Worth Quotes

  • Work is about more than making a living, as vital as that is. It’s fundamental to human dignity, to our sense of self-worth as useful, independent, free people.

    – William J. Clinton

  • William J. Clinton
  • Women must learn to find self-worth within themselves, not through others. It is important to carve out a place just for you.

    – Georgette Mosbacher

  • Georgette Mosbacher
  • I don’t judge my self-worth as a football player. Football is something I love. It’s a fun career deal, but it’s not what I want to do with my life, because I see football as a game.

    – Tim Tebow

  • Tim Tebow
  • Only when you are aware of the uniqueness of everyone’s individual body will you begin to have a sense of your own self-worth.

    – Ma Jian

  • Ma Jian
  • Lazy doesn’t exist. Lazy is a symptom of something else. The person who can’t get up off their butt is just a person who’s depressed. It’s usually a pervasive lack of self-worth, or a feeling of helplessness.

    – Jillian Michaels

  • Jillian Michaels
  • Because it’s so easy to medicate our need for self-worth by pandering to win followers, ‘likes’ and view counts, social media have become the metier of choice for many people who might otherwise channel that energy into books, music or art – or even into their own Web ventures.

    – Neil Strauss

  • Neil Strauss
  • Inspirational Self Worth Quotes

  • It’s called ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ but it’s really not about crazy rich Asians. It’s about Rachel Chu finding her identity and finding her self-worth through this journey back into her culture. Which, for me as a filmmaker, exploring my cultural identity is the scariest thing.

    – Jon M. Chu

  • Jon M. Chu
  • That is something that my mother instilled in me at a very young age – to know my self-worth. And I have had times again and again in the fashion industry where all of that was tested and I rose to the occasion because I was told that I am worthy and I should be able to walk away from something that is not worthy of me.

    – Iman

  • Iman
  • Realizing that we’ve surrendered our self-esteem to others and choosing to be accountable for our own self-worth would mean absorbing the terrifying fact that we’re always vulnerable to pain and loss.

    – Martha Beck

  • Martha Beck

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